Here you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions about the Artheon VR Museum

What is Artheon?

Artheon is a free educational app for exploring an unmatched collection of Fine Art objects in Virtual Reality

How big is the Artheon's collection?

Users can search and access more than 400.000 artworks on Artheon.

How did you get all this artworks together?

Artworks are provided by the world's most famous museums: MET Museum, Rijksmuseum, (a website representing multiple museums worldwide) and many more. For years, researchers in those museums did an enormous job, scanning and documenting the artworks, building the databases and developing API's. Artheon was only made possible because of all this work. At Impossibility Labs we have created a software to access all those artworks in one place, in the Artheon Virtual Reality Museum.

Why Artheon is a Non-Commercial App?

Artworks in the Artheon Museum are published under the multiple Licensing Terms. Some are published under the Public Domain License, while others fall under the Creative Commons Licenses of different types. Under those licensing options, Artheon is providing a new way to access those artworks in virtual reality for personal use only and cannot charge users for this in any way. We also must provide a proper attribution for the source of the artworks and we're happy to credit and promote the respective Museums.

I represent a Museum. Can I participate or collaborate with Artheon?

We are currently developing a program for museums to feature their collection on Artheon. Apply for the Early Access Program.

I'm a developer. How can I participate or collaborate with Artheon?

If you are a developer, you can become our certified partner and help local museums with all the technical work related to the integration. Apply for the Early Access Program.

How can I support Artheon's development?

Please, contact us if you share our vision and want to support the development of the Artheon.