Most Famous Paintings

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is among 12 greatest paintings in our “World’s Masterpieces” Exhibition.

Each exhibit is followed by a video lectures by Khan Academy and Smarthistory. View it in VR on the interactive info Pad.

Vincent van Gogh

One of the most known and at the same time mysterious artists of all time. Could you believe that he only was able to sold a one single paintings during his  life!

Explore dedicated Vincent van Gogh exhibition and learn more about his art, life and struggle.

Ancient Egypt

For thousands of years Ancient Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs and Priests with mysterious rituals and forgotten religion. But even today, 2000 years later, there’s probably no man on Earth who hasn’t heard about the beauty of the Queen Nefertiti.

Learn more at the “Treasures of Ancient Egypt” exhibition.

Explore Fine Art like you have never imagined

Inside Artheon VR Museum you can pick artworks from the wall for a closer examination to see it in the highest detail. Create your favorites list and customize your Personal Exhibition Hall to impress your freinds.

Thanks to The Metropolitan Museum of Art new Open Access Policy Artheon VR Museum collection now includes thousands of Creative Commons 0 attributed high resolution images.

We are excited to be able to make Fine Art available in VR, we are dedicated to enhance and expand our Artheon Virtual Reality Museum’s collection and bring better experiences to our customers.

You're The Best Art Curator in the World

Curate your own virtual museum full of priceless art.

Posted by Virtuality on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Next steps…

Artheon VR Museum will be available free on Steam.
Requires HTC Vive, Oculus or compatible headset
Coming soon to Oculus, Playstaytion VR and Google Daydream.

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